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TORCH CLUB 2017-18


The Torch Club is a Character and Leadership Club made up of civic minded 6th-8th-grade children from Redding and Easton. The goal of Torch club is to teach members to learn to enrich their lives and the lives of others through service, leadership and by demonstrating good character.

Torch Club pledge:

I will lead by example and be a positive role model for others.
I will be responsible for what I say and do to others.
I will display good sportsmanship and play by the rules.
I will respect the Club, staff, and fellow members.
I will strive to do my very best at all times.


Torch Club Members: up to 60 kids in grades 6-8 from Redding & Easton

Co-Advisers: Scott Smith & Christie Cotter

Cost: $155* for current BGCRE members. (Cost includes t-shirt and food).

*Scholarships are available

please contact Joseph Dolan at 938-3166 for more information.



·         Attend all meetings (can miss up to 2)

·         Plan, prepare & serve 1 healthy dinner or snack with a small team for the entire group

·         Participate in 2 service projects

·         Total of 10 hours of community service (service projects + at least 1 hour of INDEPENDENT community service)

·         Help plan and run a Spring Fundraiser

·         Act respectfully and responsibly at all meetings and events

·         Sign and commit to the Torch Club “Character Pledge”



Important Note (Read Carefully): Torch Club Members are not required to arrive until 5pm for the September, October, April, and May meetings.  On those dates the 4pm-5pm time will be used as free time to play outside, socialize, or do homework.  During the winter months, 6th graders and 7&8th graders will meet separately and members are required to attend the whole meeting from 4pm-6pm.


Grades 6-8    Tuesday Fall & Spring Meeting Dates from 4-7 pm at BGCRE


September 19th –Meeting at the Club

*Includes mandatory parents meeting at 6:30

October 3rd  – Meeting at the Club

April 3rd  – Meeting at the Club

May 1st  – Meeting at the Club


Torch Club Fundraiser - Friday, May 18th at RCC


Grade 6   Tuesday Winter Meeting Dates from 4-6 pm at BGCRE


Nov. 28th – Meeting at the Club

Jan 30th – Meeting at the Club

Feb. 27th – Meeting at the Club


Grades 7 & 8   Tuesday Winter Meeting Dates from 4-6 pm  at RCC


Nov. 14th – Meeting at RCC

 Dec. 5th – Meeting at RCC

Jan 9th – Meeting at RCC

Feb. 6th – Meeting at RCC

March 6th  – Meeting at RCC



Executive Board Sunday Meetings from 1-2pm at BGCRE:  

***only for elected members of the Executive Board***


October 15th  

November 19th

December 10th  

Jan 21st

February 11th

March 11th  

April 22nd

May 6th  



14 Executive Board Positions reserved for 7th and 8th Graders:  

·         President

·         Vice President

·         Secretary

·         Treasurer

·         2 Fundraiser Co-Chairs

·         2 Game Co-Chairs

·         6 Service Project Chairs

2016-17 BGCRE Torch Club Members
2016-17 BGCRE Torch Club Members